Mar 12 • 3M

Morning After Headache

For most of us—too much wine, not enough water

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Gus Clemens writes a syndicated wine column for Gannett/USA Today network and posts online reviews of wines and stories of interest to wine lovers. He publishes almost daily in his newsletter, on Facebook, on Twitter, and on his website. The Gus Clemens on Wine podcast delivers that material in a warm, user-friendly format.
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Morning After Headache

Most of us have been there. Bacchanalian evening begets pounding wine headache and morning mourning.

What caused the catastrophe? For most, answer is simple—too much wine, not enough water.

For some people, however, excess is not needed. Are you allergic to wine? Here are possible reasons and tests to discover if you can blame allergy instead of excess.

This episode is for paid subscribers